OK, let's get started! Where is your company located?
We are based in
How many employees work at your company?
We are a team of lovely colleagues.
Do you still remember your office? How big is it?
Our office is sqm.
So, how big is your fleet?
We have cars in total.
Now a hard one: How many kilometers does your fleet travel yearly?
Each car travels, on average, km throughout the year.
Now let's talk about your flights! How many short haul flights do you take?
We take short-haul single flights per year.
And how many long haul flights?
We take about long haul single flights per year.
Almost done! How many train rides do you book?
Per year, we take single train rides.
Hooray, you’re done! Where can we send the results to?

We’ve sent you an email!

Congratulatons, you’ve made it! The results should be in your inbox.