Analysis results

Yearly Emission Breakdown

Here you can see what your total yearly emissions of t CO 2 consist of. Scroll down to see more details.

20 tCO2

    What are tonnes of CO2 equivalent to?


    emit this amount per year

    km via plane

    travelled in economy class


    of coffee produced in Kenya

    Offset your emissions

    We are here to accompany you on your path to carbon neutrality. Planetly offers a high-quality, certified climate protection project with which you can compensate for your carbon emissions.

    Offset your emissions

    More on your analysis

    The analysis of your emissions consists of the following components. Are there areas in your company that we have not covered? Then we recommend our complete CO2 analysis.

    Electricity consumption

    The power consumption of your office is calculated here based on your company office size. You can reduce these emissions by switching to a green electricity provider.

    Vehicle fleet

    Emissions created by the combustion of vehicle fuel. Switch to electric vehicles, if possible.


    Especially long distance flights have a very strong impact on the environment. Try to take as few of them as possible. For short and medium distances it is worthwhile to change to the train more often.


    These are the emissions caused by the commute to work and home of your colleagues.


    Snacks, drinks, consumer goods such as paper, printers, inventory such as laptops and other hardware are included here as a flat rate.

    Train Rides

    Train journeys are generally much better for your CO2 balance than air travel. Especially in Germany many trains are already operated with green electricity.

    Interested in more details?

    Planetly also offers a detailed emission analysis that do not only look into your individual company business processes. Results are Greenhouse Gas Protocol Conform and can be TÜV certified. They are also the base for meaningful reductions. Contact us to find out more.

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